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I’ve gone Full Frame Mirrorless, Nikon Z7.

November 28th, 2020

In 2018 Nikon released the Z7. One of their First Full Frame mirrorless cameras. Now in 2020 Z7ii was announced and soon to be released. Though the differences between the two are negligible though seem many are making the upgrade from Z7 to the Z7ii as prices on the used market had dropped. My D810 value was seeming to decline as well so I figured with Z7 prices in my reach I would pull the trigger. I sold my D810 and everything that goes with it and purchased a Z7. 

Everything arrived today so I thought I would take it on a stroll at a local park and I can honestly say I regret nothing and all my sentimentality about getting rid of my D810 was nullified. The Nikon Z7 is am amazing camera and a great upgrade to any landscape photographer that previously used a D810. My D810 had great image quality sure but it was starting to show its age. The new back side illuminated sensors are so clear and crisp compared to the old Nikon flagship. Of course this is all pixel peeping and perfectionisum talking. It took great pictures however it was not always easy to use for  those pictures. 

I primarily shoot landscapes. I find it relaxing and slowpaced/ My subject is not going anywhere exclusing the ever changing lighting which sometimes slips away. I also like to use tilt shift lenses which are difficult to use and do not work with the autofocus sensor on a DSLR so focus peaking manual focus is impossible. It required focusing on the foreground in live view then scrolling to the background and zooming int, tilting till it was in focus, then going back to the foreground. it took up to 45 minutes to get it all focused and correct. I also liked to use and check other time consuming options like the virtual horizon, auto brakceting, delayed release, multiple exposure, etc etc. all these settings are buried several menu layers deepand most you have to go to every time you want to check something or change something. it is all very time consuming on the D810.    

The Z7 resolved all of these issues for me which I was very happy with as it cut the time to set up for a photo down to under 5 minutes. Focus peaking is by far the most useful feature.Whatever is in focus shows up with an outline of whatever color you choose.  Just lined up the shot, manually focus the tilt shift lenses till everything you want in focus is highlighted. so you can tilt and shift the lens as you want till everything is outlined. Checking focus is super easy. Just use the focus point joystick around and hit the zoom button. I found this step is not really necessary in a well lit scene. All the other settings I like to use and change often I was able to adjust and put into the customizable “i” menu. just hit the I button and the shortcuts appear and go right to the easy to change options. Options like multiple exposures, timer dettngs, focus peaking can all be adjusted and enabled/disabled right there on the fly from the the EVF or the back screen. The Z7 really streamlined everything and it was easy to get used to a new workflow.  


Now what about non-Landscape shooting? It does Great! The AF system is definitely better than my D810 ever was and it made my Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 OS HSm Sport lens really shine! 


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