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A week in AZ with only 2 lenses, Nikkor 85/2.8 and 19/4 tilt-shift lenses.

July 11th, 2020

I spent a week in AZ with just these two lenses. I’ve had them for some months before but never really got to use them in a real world scenario. Last I had the chance to travel I was a novice and brought all kinds of regular lenses. I figured out I quiet love manual everything and tilt shifts. This time I decided to only bring these two.

I only had a cheap tablet to transfer files to my travel drives and it’s resolution is poor. I also never looked at them as hiking about in 115F is really exhausting.

I just got home and looked at the RAW images on my 4K TV monitor and I’m astounded. These lenses are so insanely sharp. The 85 resolves literally everything. The porch posts of houses way off in the distance in Sedonia that I couldn’t even see take up exactly one pixel. Shows every line and striations in the far distance cliffs better than my 150-600 probably would have zoomed in fully with more megapixels.

I honestly can’t believe the 85mm PC isn’t more popular. The 19 will surely eventually be one of those holy grail lenses as it seems they hardly sell any. So wide but you can zoom in and crop out images and not worry about lost pixels. I’m just amazed.

Some quick and dirty crops from the 85

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