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White Pocket

July 13th, 2017

I had to not do The Wave due to having had heat exhausting or dehydration a few days prior at Arches NP perimeter trail. I was lucky enough to get a ride to White Pocket. A lovely place that is pretty expansive and beautiful. The rock changes almost every step and I feel it is the Sirens’ call to landscape photographers. One could spend several weeks there any not get all the amazing shots this small area has to offer. I am glad I got to go and I think it was much better than what the Wave had to offer and less risky.

Brent Johnson of Forever Adventure Tours and Brent Johnson Photography was our tour guide and driver and he was quite amazing. It was fun to talk photography form him and see all his amazing photos. Some of which involved Califoronia Condors.  was surprised to hear he did not market thoroughly. I advised that I think he should and some tips on how he might do so. If I was more of a moneybags I’d have surely bought a few of his photos right there. His condor and Bison pictures really blew my mind. 

Brent on the left. 

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